Care recipient (cr) needs to live a healthier lifestyle to avoid serious health problems

Try: Encourage the cr to avoid stress as much as possible and take the steps necessary to manage it encourage the cr’s family to avoid conflicts with and in front of the cr try to maintain a positive atmosphere while honestly acknowledging and not disparaging the cr cr’s understandable anxieties about his or her health status encourage the cr to make lifestyle changes for example try to reinforce the importance of exercise which will make the cr stronger if it is done on a regular basis avoid smoking in front of cr if he or she is trying to give it up similarly if the cr is supposed to follow a low-fat diet only eat low-fat foods in his or her presence be positive about the experience to help reinforce his or her lifestyle changes

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References: Adapted from www care com caring for seniors with heart disease by staff writer no date

Keywords: Exercise diet heart cardiovascular smoking stress lifestyle

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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