Care recipient (cr) gets cranky and or moody when his or her blood sugar level is out of balance

Try: Try to learn all that you can about blood sugar imbalance so you can recognize warning signs and take action to control it this may help you react to the problem more quickly with an appropriate intervention this may also provide you with the knowledge needed to discuss this subject intelligently with the cr doctors and other caregivers help the cr focus on problem solving and what can be done to improve the situation encourage the cr to start small and then build on the changes that he or she is making reassure the cr that it is possible to get control over the blood sugar imbalance however it will be an ongoing process that will require practice and discipline suggest that the cr consider joining a support group support groups can be very helpful especially during the adjustment period right after the cr is first diagnosed with a blood sugar imbalance the support group can also provide ongoing assistance suggest that the cr participate in a local hospital hospital’s blood sugar management clinic programs like this educate people about this issue and provide helpful training on specific tasks such as how to monitor glucose levels

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References: Adapted from www care com caring for seniors with diabetes by staff writer no date

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