Care recipient (cr) needs to get more exercise

Try: Encourage cr to always warm up before beginning his her exercise routine and cool down at the end if cr plans to work out for 30 minutes suggest that cr start with 10-minute sessions and work his her way up suggest that cr try swimming and water aerobics these exercises are often easier on the joints and require less balance encourage cr to work out in a safe environment; avoid slippery floors poor lighting throw rugs and other potential dangers if cr has difficulty maintaining his her balance suggest that cr exercise within reach of a grab bar or rail if cr has trouble standing or getting up suggest that cr try to exercise on the bed rather than on the floor or an exercise mat if at any time cr feels sick or he she begins to hurt encourage cr to stop the activity encourage cr to select a hobby or activity he she enjoys and stick with it some suggestions include gardening walking swimming water aerobics yoga and tai chi

Materials: Exercise mat

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Information: Encourage cr to eat plenty of fruits vegetables and whole grains these are great sources of fiber which can help curb constipation suggest that cr drink enough water or other fluids throughout each day encourage cr to stay physically active

References: Adapted from www webmd com alzheimer alzheimer’s disease and exercise by jon glass 2012

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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