Care recipient (cr) needs help making a decision to euthanize a pet

Try: The cr may be very attached to a pet and may not notice the animal suffering making a decision concerning euthanasia is often very difficult for pet owners unfortunately an elderly cr who is very attached to a pet and refuse to euthanize it when needed here are some suggestions that may help you assist the cr in making this difficult and important decision approach the cr with sensitivity and tact encourage the cr to consider the following factors in making a decision if a pet needs to be euthanized activity level is the pet as active as it used to be response to care and affection does the pet still interact and respond to love and care in the usual ways amount of pain and suffering is the pet experiencing pain and suffering which outweighs any pleasure and enjoyment in life terminal illness or critical injury does the pet have some type or impairing injury or illness the cr’s feelings how does the cr feel about euthanizing the pet the honest opinion and feelings of the cr cr’s family and friends after you and the cr have reviewed the above factors make a decision as to whether the pet needs to be euthanized this does not need to be a rushed decison but it should not be put off indefinitely either

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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