Care recipient (cr) is suspicious or accusatory of other individuals all the time

Try: #if the cr suspects that someone is taking his or her money provide reassurance by letting the cr have a small amount of pocket change that can be easily found in a pocket or purse #help look for missing objects for a short time and then distract the cr with a snack game or craft project #try to learn if the cr has a favorite place for hiding or storing objects look there first when you are told that something is lost #avoid arguing about whether the item is lost or whether the theft has happened #reassure the cr that you understand the anxiety and let the cr know that he or she is safe use language such as i won’t let that happen to you or i know you are frightened but i’m here and i will stay with you #try non-verbal reassurances such as a hug or gentle touch

Materials: Snacks materials for crafts games small amounts of pocket change

Categories: Emotional Psychological, Independence, Some Supervision, Long-Term Memory, Poor L T Memory

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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