Care recipient (cr) is periodically bothered by unusual or disturbing pictures or ideas that interrupt self-reflection or ability to focus on tasks or activities

Try: #often the more you try to push an intrusive thought away the more it will persist instead of fighting to suppress the thought begin by simply accepting that the thought or idea is there it doesn’t have to be liked or disliked acted on or ignored; simply accept that it is there #imagine the intrusive idea or image is floating in front of your eyes allow yourself to see it after you’ve let your mind focus without anxiety on the intrusive thought for a few moments let yourself move on to the task or activity it interrupted #in many cases acknowledging the intrusive thought rather than denying it decreases its power to disturb #intrusive thoughts can be a symptom related to obsessive-compulsive disorder ocd or a side effect of medication if persistent intrusive thoughts are new or if they worsen or become more troubling contact a physician you may want to seek a consultation with a specialist in senior mental health issues such as a psychiatrist with geriatric experience

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