Care recipient (cr) is losing his her vision and needs help coping with the loss of sight

Try: Check into church and community resources for support groups for people grieving a loss many grief support groups welcome members grieving any type of loss in their lives including loss of vision research national state and county agencies that offer help and

Materials: Computer with internet access pen and paper

Categories: Emotional Psychological, Maintenance, Medical Physical, Personal, Social, Some Supervision, Maximum Supervision, So-So Vision, Poor Vision

Information: About the causes of blindness and loss of vision research organizations and companies that offer large-print items reading materials books on tape and special recorders and other products for the blind consider counseling and loss of vision rehabilitation services offered through the division of rehabilitation services office or social services office check out organizations that offer training to people with low vision the cr can be taught how to train other senses like hearing and touch how to cook safely tips for cleaning and how to get around in the home or yard some walking aids may also be given to the cr information

References: Adapted from vision blindness – coping tips from elder-one-stop com

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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