Care recipient (cr) is lethargic and not interested in much of anything

Try: #sometimes despite your best efforts the cr will continue to be lethargic no matter what you try to do #although there is a wealth of

Materials: Recording of the cr’s favorite sports team playing in a big game media player to watch game tailgate food drinks and paper products team tee shirts hats banners etc blankets

Categories: Emotional Psychological, Social, Mobility, Needs Some Assistance

Information: Available on how to deal with this issue you may reach the point where you need to throw out all of the books articles theory and take matters into your own hands #try to think of new creative and unconventional ways to do the same thing or accomplish the same objective look for innovative ways to get the cr engaged in interesting activities #find out what the cr is passionate about and let your imagination run wild with no boundaries or limits #invite other caregivers family members and friends familiar with the cr to brainstorm with you the creative energy that comes out of a group like that can be amazing #do not be upset if your new ideas do not work keep trying until you come up with something that clicks for the cr if you fail be persistent and try again and again don’t give up hope example the cr is die-hard fan of the green bay packers team in the national football league but has lost interest in recent years you go to the video store and rent a video tape of one of the packers super bowl victories from the early 1960s tell the cr that you have two tickets for the super bowl championship game at lambeau field in green bay on the day of the game have a tailgate party in the cr’s living room put on your cheese head hats and packer shirts bundle up blankets and watch the big game on television it’s the next best thing to being there your enthusiasm hopefully will rub off on the cr engage the cr is lively dialog about favorite packer memories players big plays and so on information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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