Care recipient (cr) is frequently bored but has a short attention span

Try: Put together some busy boxes to entertain the cr the boxes can be any size or shape and can contan various items the items in the box should be geared toward something that the cr used to handle such as nuts and bolts that can be sorted and put together this could work well for a cr who is a handiman other examples of items that can be put in the busy boxes various small plumbing supplies good for cr who is a plumber costume jewelry that can be sorted and tried on any craft item such as foam shapes that could be sorted according to shape or color junk mail that can be opened and sorted various lengths of rope that can be used to tie knots this could work well for a cr who was previously involved in scouting or sailing use your imagination when picking out items for the boxes the key is to get something that would be interesting and entertaining for the cr

Materials: Cardboard or plastic boxes in various sizes various items that can be put in the boxes for example nuts and bolts that can be put together costume jewelry junk mail

Categories: Emotional Psychological, Social, Fully Aware, Somewhat Aware

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Keywords: Lethargic not interested activity therapy something fun to do

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