Care recipient (cr) is being taken advantage of by mooching friends and or relatives

Try: Encourage cr to assign his her friend relative a fair share in advance for example if cr is planning a road trip or dinner party encourage him her to sketch out who will bring what suggest that cr make a list and ask his her friend relative what he or she will bring if they complain about their financial situation suggest that cr empathize and ask them to bring one of the less expensive items or suggest that they cook something which is always cheaper but at least it requires effort once moochers see their names on a list it won’t be as easy to skimp suggest that cr make sure that whatever their friend relative is responsible for bringing they’re the only ones responsible for it so that if they don’t it’ll be noticeable to everyone involved this will also work if cr has a sibling or friend who doesn’t chip in for a community gift for a parent other siblings etc yet still wants to sign his her name on the card suggest that cr mention that it it’s his her friend relative’s turn to treat this is where it starts to get a little more confrontational if cr’s friend relative turns cr down somehow or seems to blow the question off encourage cr to threaten to cancel the event and mean it for example cr could say something like since i drove last time can you do it this time around -oh you can’t well ok i’m having second thoughts about going anyway i covered the tab last week can you cover it this week -if you can’t that that’s fine maybe we should find something else to do can you cover a game of pool since last time we had lunch dinner at my house do you want to do it at your house this time -well if we can’t pin down a host we might need to cancel the get-together i can host once in a while but not all the time suggest that cr try turning the tables on his her friend relative since there have been plenty of times when cr helped them out suggest that cr test them and see if they’ll return the favor suggest that cr try mooching off of them suggest that cr forget his her wallet ask the friend relative to loan him her money borrow their clothes and see what happens

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References: how to deal with a mooching friend by web contributors 2011 available at www wikihow com

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