Care recipient (cr) is being taken advantage of by a friend or relative

Try: Suggest that cr talk to other eelatives or mutual friends about the moocher’s behavior in as diplomatic a way as possible it it’s best if cr and others involved can present a united front for example cr could say joe joe’s a really nice guy and he he’s a lot of fun to hang out with but i’ve noticed he really doesn’t pitch in whenever we go out as a group and i’m worried that it will put a strain on our friendship it would be great if we could do something about it so we don’t have to have problems encourage cr to be persistent it takes time to change a behavior so cr will have to be firm in modifying his her response to the mooching friend relative encourage cr to be clear that he she likes the person person’s company and personality but do not like a particular behavior if the friend relative asks to borrow money suggest that cr say something like i don’t have any money on me or to avoid a possible fib i don’t have enough money to loan suggest that cr break off his her friendship

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References: how to deal with a mooching friend by web contributors 2011 available at www wikihow com

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