Care recipient (cr) is anxious or shy in new situations leading to isolation and missed appointments

Try: #a trusted friend or advocate can help a senior ease into new situations by going with the cr into new situations or appointments #a cr who won’t open the front door to a stranger might miss getting needed social services by not responding to social workers or case managers who knock on the door arrange for a trusted friend to be present with the cr for any home appointment #make sure in advance that all visiting careworkers know in advance they will be asked to show identification at the door before entring the home #a friend of advocate may also go with the cr the first couple of times a cr begins attending a new group or activity such as coffee with other seniors at a local restaurant adult day care or a study group be clear that the role of the advocate or friend is to make the experience more comfrtable for the cr

Materials: Friend or advocate

Categories: Emotional Psychological, Social, Mobility, Mobile, Needs Some Assistance, Independence, No Supervision, Some Supervision

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