Care recipient (cr) is afraid of showering and very reluctant to shower

Try: Try to discuss the fears with the cr if possible and discover the underlying reason for the fear there may be a fear of water that’s too hot because cr may have been accidentally scalded at one time the cr may be afraid of falling make sure there are non-skid surfaces on the tub caregiver (cg) may want to step in the tub with bare feet to show cr that it is not slippery cr may not be able to see clearly without glasses and therefore is confused and disoriented when taking a shower let the cr leave glasses on if this helps cr may have trouble holding onto a hand held shower attachment because it is slippery try wrapping several rubber bands around the handle of the attachment it will make it easier to handle cr may not like getting their head and face sprayed by the shower if it is a hand-held shower head attach it to the wall at shoulder level if the cr can stand in the shower or a lower level if a bathing chair has to be used cr may be embarrassed at the lack of modesty during showering buy a very large t-shirt and let cr wear it while bathing it will be very easy to reach under the t-shirt and wash but it will preserve cr’s modesty

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