Both caregiver (cg) and Care recipient (cr) get frustrated trying to accomplish activities of daily living adl materials

Try: Cg needs to literally put themselves in the position of the cr buy some strong magnifying reading glasses at the local dollar store and wear them while trying to accomplish simple activities or judge when the cr can visually see the cg enter their line of vision these glasses will make everything blurry and will simulate someone with impaired vision trying to accomplish everyday tasks use a walker or wheelchair and try to negotiate the daily routine of the cr can you carry items easily or do simple activities one-handed while supporting yourself with the walker are things around you within easy reach while you are in a wheelchair use this experience to adjust these surroundings to accommodate the cr who is in a wheelchair or uses a walker one suggestion would be to have a stool in front of the bathroom mirror for a cr who is mobility challenged to comb their hair or brush their teeth while resting on the stool cr could try dressing or using silverware at a meal while wearing men’s large work gloves to resemble a cr who has arthritis in their hands a suggestion in this area would be to buy clothing a size larger to make it easier to put on tennis balls could be slit and placed on the end of a spoon or fork to make it easier to grasp or rubber bands wound around the handles of silverware also make it easier to maneuver try wearing shoes that are too large and check out any problems with stumbling over clutter furniture that is arranged too close or extension cords that are in the way rearrange or remove any items that pose a danger

Materials: Sheets made out of satin or a similar material pajamas made out of satin or a similar material down blanket

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