Care recipient (cr) has mentioned suicide on a few occasions

Try: Get the cr to promise not to do anything right now make sure the cr avoids drugs and alcohol make the cr’s home safe remove things he could use to hurt himself such as pills knives razors or firearms try to make the cr feel hopeful about getting through his feelings of hopelessness remind him of the good things in his life like family friends neighbors help the cr find someone he trusts to talk about how bad things are if it is too difficult for the cr to talk about his feelings suggest that the cr write them down and give them to the person he trusts

Materials: Paper and pen

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References: coping with suicidal thoughts and help to get you through by jaelline jaffe lawrence robinson and jeanne segal 2011 available at

Keywords: Suicide depression stress anxiety exercise

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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