Care recipient (cr) keeps a rigid schedule that keeps him from enjoying new things

Try: Avoid planning out the whole day everyday don’t reject an offer to do something new or to let someone else help out be disciplined when choosing to do something different try to ignore familiar temptations such as to be lazy or just sit at home encourage the cr to pursue new activities try to encourage the cr to focus on personal growth activities like taking a class or attending an interesting seminar encourage the cr to say hello to new people or even the local grocery cashier get rid of boring activities that don’t add value to the cr’s life like watching tv all day try playing cards or doing crafts encourage the cr to help out someone who is doing something fun or new for example suggest that the cr help a neighbor with a home improvement project or garden try to get the cr curious about a new idea to increase his motivation to do something different

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References: 7 tips to live a more spontaneous life by scott h young available at

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