Care recipient (cr) has considerable fear and anxiety regarding computers as a result cr is reluctant to learn how to use computers and does not realize the benefits

Try: #tell the cr that you need help with a project that you are working on #ask the cr to look over your shoulder while you work on the computer #start out by writing down a list of topics that the cr is interested in for example hobbies movies travel art music history and sports #ask the cr to sit next to you while you search the internet on the topics of interest explain in simple language how this process works #show the cr the results of your internet search on the screen #try to get both video and audio in your internet search to make it more interesting for example if one of the topics of interest is big band music look for clips that show a a favorite band performing #show the cr how fun and easy it is to connect and communicate with family members through email and social networking sites show family pictures have online conversations with the grandchildren etc #if the cr appears interested in learning more about computers offer to help start out slowly and gradually get the cr involved in operating the computer independently #make it easy to get revisit specific websites by bookmarking them or marking them as favorites and show the cr how to easily get to those sites #try getting other family members grandchildren youth organizations and students involved in helping the cr use computers on an ongoing basis the inter-generational interaction may be mutually beneficial

Materials: List of cr’s family members and friends who use social networking sites online

Categories: Emotional Psychological, Social, Independence, Some Supervision

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