Care recipient (cr) gets stressed out in the morning

Try: Try taking a relaxing bath before bed time to help get a good night’s sleep try to manage the morning hours better for example if cr has a lot to accomplish until he she has to go to work suggest that he she develop a morning routine that he she will follow suggest that cr make a list of all the things that he she normally does and set a time table for each and stick to it so he she does not lose precious time suggest that cr put his her schedule on the fridge so that he she is always reminded of his her routine encourage cr to avoid stressful confrontations remind cr to stay calm and relaxed even in the midst of the morning chaos fighting with other members in the household will drain the energy out of cru so avoid these confrontations as much as possible suggest that cr listen to relaxing music while cr is doing chores cr could try popping a cd into the cd player and sing or whistle along to the songs to relieve stress instrumental music also works suggest that cr keep his her house clean and organized so that he she can easily find what he she needs encourage cr to take time for him herself before cr starts his her daily routine suggest that cr sip his her coffee and do a few minutes of exercise this will get cr up and running cr can also meditate or do yoga to calm his her nerves and mind encourage cr to be optimistic suggest that cr believe the she will have a good day ahead this will make cr more willing to go through with his her morning ritual suggest that cr keep a positive vibe all throughout the day so that next morning he she is energized and invigorated

Materials: Pen and paper music cds and cd player

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References: how to reduce morning stress by norman bailey no date available at www howtodothings com

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