Care recipient (cr) gets confused navigating throughout the house

Try: Cr could have a problem with depth perception and possibly a few minor changes could help with this problem make sure that the room furnishings contrast with the wall color for example if the furniture is a light neutral color the walls and the carpeting should be brighter and darker if the furniture is a dark wood the walls and flooring should be lighter to increase visibility flat paint on the walls will help reduce the glare of lighting or sunlight while paint with a glossy sheen will cause glare place photos in picture frames that are colorful to make them stand out on the table or shelf pictures that are hung on the walls should be of simple objects and not of busy patterns or abstract design reflective glass in pictures should be replaced with non-glare glass to reduce glare bright throw pillows or bright afghans across the backs of chairs or couches will make seating options more visible to the cr

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