Care recipient (cr) feels sad and alone he or she doesn’t eat well and caregiver (cg) is worried about malnutrition

Try: Make sure cr doesn’t eat alone all the time he or she can share lunch or dinner with grandchildren nieces nephews other family members friends and neighbors on a rotating basis encourage the cr to find new lunch and dinner buddies by taking a class volunteering or going on an outing with a local senior group you may want to consider enrolling cr in an adult day care program so he or she will have both companionship and nutritious meals this is a good idea for crs who are isolated and lonely or unable to prepare their own meals encourage the cr to try using senior meal programs as a way to meet others contact the local senior centers ymca churches or high school to see if they have senior meal programs

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References: Adapted from the intenet website www helpguide org senior nutrition the joy of eating well and aging well by sarah kovatch and gina kemp 2011

Keywords: Depressed malnutrition lonely isolated diet healthy eating food nutrition

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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