Care recipient (cr) continually paces

Try: #since the pacing behavior is not harmful you should turn it into an activity that will be fun for the cr and provide a sense of purpose #ask the cr to put away folded laundry the laundry should be sorted according to where it belongs in the house hand the cr a small stack and ask that it be put it away in the proper place for example all clothing items would go in the bedroom and all kitchen towels and rags would go in the kitchen #ask the cr put away a few rolls of paper towels where they belong in the house for example under the kitchen sink in the utility closet or in the pantry #ask the cr to put away a few rolls of toilet paper in the bathrooms

Materials: Folded laundry rolls of paper towels rolls of toilet paper

Categories: Emotional Psychological, Memory, Mobility, Mobile, Independence, Some Supervision, Long-Term Memory, So-So L T Memory, Short-Term Memory, So-So S T Memory

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