Care recipient (cr) appears to be losing weight and may not be eating or eating well

Try: Give cr finger foods to eat such as cheese small sandwiches small pieces of chicken fresh fruits or vegetables sandwiches made with pita bread are easier to handle give cr high-calorie healthy foods to eat or drink such as protein milk shakes try buying high-protein drinks and powders at grocery stores drugstores or discount stores also try mixing healthy foods in a blender and let cr drink his her meal use diet supplements if cr is not getting enough calories talk with the doctor or nurse about what kinds of supplements are best try to use healthy fats in cooking such as olive oil also use extra cooking oil butter and mayonnaise to cook and prepare food if cr needs more calories if cr has heart disease check with the doctor about how much and what kinds of fat to use keep certain foods out of reach if cr is on a sugar-restricted diabetic or salt-restricted diet limit ketchup vinegar oil salt and pepper have cr take a multi-vitamin, a tablet capsule powder liquid or injection that adds vitamins minerals and other important things to a person person’s diet serve bigger portions at breakfast because it it’s the first meal of the day

Materials: A multi-vitamin blender or food processor

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Information: May have to be repeated more than once to different staff members tell er staff that cr has cognitive problems explain how best to talk with cr if cr must stay overnight in the hospital try to have a friend or family member stay with him her

References: caring for a person with alzheimer’s disease your easy-to-use guide from the national institute on aging by national institute on aging 2011 available at www nia nih gov

Keywords: Weight loss forgets to eat upset at mealtime not eating dentures dental care

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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