caregiver (cg) needs to provide guidance to the Care recipient (cr) regarding safe telephone usage

Try: Provide printed safety tips on yellow paper to the cr to use when answering the phone keep the tips posted by each telephone that the cr will answer ensure that the print is large enough for the cr to read include the following tips for the cr to review when an unknown person calls him or her never state that you are home alone never state that you will be home at a certain time of day never provide your social security number over the phone or to a stranger if you think that the call is a scam ask for a telephone number to call them back if you are given one save it if available you could also use the caller id feature on your phone to get the phone number of the caller be sure to write it down if the caller asks who are you do not answer instead ask the caller who are you calling if the caller does not answer hang up the phone safety tips should also have the local police department’s phone number with directions to call police if the phone call is an obscene phone call a night time call from a stranger the police should also be called if you are getting wrong number phone calls on a frequent basis

Materials: Yellow paper black permanent marker

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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