Care recipient (cr) needs to find a way to get assistance from the caregiver (cg) when needed the cg has a need for privacy when the cr does not need assistance the cg would also like the freedom to be in different parts of the cr’s home or outside while still being accessible to the cr

Try: Buy the cr a small bell that can be rung when assistance is needed encourage the cr to keep the bell by his or her side at all times if you are nearby but not where the cr can see you the cr can ring the bell so that you can respond this approach is limited to the extent that you can actually hear the bell when it is rung when you are in other areas of the house or outside using a wireless doorbell system may cost more but would provide a better alternative to using a hand bell

Materials: Small hand bell

Categories: Communication, Medical Physical

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Keywords: Emergency response system security alert first alert intercom

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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