caregiver (cg) needs advice on the best way to interact with the Care recipient (cr) on a daily basis without causing the cr frustration or agitation

Try: Be aware of what skills the cr still retains and what skills he she may have lost take into consideration the attention span of the cr when asking the cr to engage in an activity or help you with a chore look for signs that the cr is getting frustrated or confused and end the activity before frustration turns to stress or anger don’t get in a hurry and try to hurry or help the cr to finish whatever activity he she is involved in for instance if the cr takes quite a while to dress but is eventually able to complete the process look for a chore that you can accomplish while the cr is dressing the simple act of accomplishment will provide the cr with a positive feeling and may set the mood for the rest of the day praise the cr for any task that is completed whether correctly or incorrectly – sometimes just finishing a task is a huge accomplishment don’t offer to help unless the cr indicates that help would be appreciated taking over a task just to get it done sooner may make the cr feel like they are being treated like a child if the cr offers to help you with a task or a chore try to find some element of that chore that the cr can do even if it means adjusting the task the need to be helpful and the resulting positive feeling that they have been is a positive interaction for the cg and the cr

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