Care recipient (cr) lives alone and feels disconnected from family members who live far away

Try: #create a schedule for the next year for all family members who will make a weekly phone call to the cr #write week 1 on the top of an index card then week 2 on the top of the next index card and continue this through week 52 #ask each family member to take several index cards with the weeks written on them until the cards are all gone #ask the family members to pick a date within their specific week when they will make the call write the family members names and the dates they will call on the card #copy the same

Materials: Pen calendar 104 index cards 3 x 5 stapler envelopes stamps list of family members’ addresses and phone numbers phone

Categories: Communication, Emotional Psychological, Social, Independence, Some Supervision, Long-Term Memory, So-So L T Memory, Short-Term Memory, So-So S T Memory

Information: To a blank index card there should now be two cards with the identical information week # date and name send all the family members who signed up to make calls the copies of the cards with their dates to call #the family member will keep their copies and all the original cards will be put together to make a coupon book for the cr the coupon book should start with week 1 continue in order through week 52 and be stapled together this will give the cr a visual reminder of the family members’ commitment to call each week #the cr will be able to tell who is going to call and what date they will call the family members will also have their own cards as reminders to call the cr information

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