caregiver (cg) has trouble communicating with Care recipient (cr) who has difficulty verbalizing when the cr can no longer verbalize it does not mean that they have stopped or lost the need to communicate therefore communication just needs to be more creative on the part of the cg

Try: Try to find ways to communicate that the cr can understand create a communication book or page that has pictures or words in large print that lists some of the daily wants and needs of the cr examples could be pictures of food a restroom symbol picture of a television or radio special activities or even a pillow to represent a nap also list or illustrate some of the confusing activities that the cr might want stopped or avoided such as loud music or the room is too light or too dark this will save the cr from trying to get his her words and thoughts across to the cg which will often cause confusion or frustration learn to read the cr’s body language if the cr draws his her face up or clenches their fists they could be in pain if they twist their hands constantly that could also mean pain or just frustration and agitation if the cr darts his her eyes constantly around the room there could be too much noise and confusion or just too much clutter in the room above all else be calm – act as if you have all the time in the world to interpret the message use positive words and supportive questions when you communicate with the cr realize and accept that you won’t always get it right

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