Care recipient (cr) who has typically been happy in the past suddenly begins to cry a great deal while trivial things seem to trigger episodes sadness may be linked to old or painful losses

Try: #sometimes people try hard to cover up their real feelings and avoid crying in front of others on the other hand a vulnerable cr may just let his or her true feelings come out and not worry about what other people think or be too overwhelmed to care #try to determine the trigger that causes the crying a particular song may remind the cr of a lost loved one themes of loss death parenthood childhood birth or family in commercials or movies may remind the cr of unresolved events in the past #once a trigger has been determined discuss the issues with the cr to gain insight into what is going on #discuss various ways to deal with the issue with the cr and agree on a specific plan to try in the future #watch the cr’s behavior to see if the plan is working and make adjustments as necessary #keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with tears or with taking care of old business it is time to worry when being overwhelmed by feelings and memories interferes with regular life and functions

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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