Care recipient (cr) seems depressed and needs help resolving his her mental issue s

Try: Avoid pretending there’s nothing wrong the worst thing you can do when cr is depressed is to pretend that there’s no problem ignoring it won’t make the problem go away when you talk to cr you can ask what’s wrong and let him her know that you are there for him her should he she needs anything you can let cr know that you notice there are some disturbing changes and you care for him her take the initiative try reaching out to cr don’t wait for cr to make the initiative to talk to you or get help in many instances you may need to confront cr and let him her know that there is something wrong take cr out if you know that cr is depressed you can be a friend by offering to take him her out go outdoors and get some sun cr may choose to hide in isolation in his her house but this makes things worse it can be as simple as taking cr out for lunch or going out for a walk together sometimes simply changing up the scenery can be enough to help revive cr and help him her get out of his her stupor one great activity that you can engage in together is exercise exercise can help alleviate depression because it releases endorphins in the body be patient it can be frustrating to deal with cr’s depressed mood especially when cr is in denial however try to set aside your anger and frustration and remember that it isn’t about you rather it’s about helping out cr be patient and listen to hcrwhen he she tells you his her feelings or decides to share with you what is wrong try offering suggestions on what cr can do to deal with the depression suggest that cr talk to a pastor at your church remind cr the value of his her life and all the other good things he she has going for him her listen to cr and take the time to help him her out use physical contact to let cr know you care it may not always be easy but you have a responsibility to see to cr’s well-being

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References: how to talk to someone who’s depressed by russell brooks no date available at www howtodothings com

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