Care recipient (cr) is having trouble dealing with his her inconsiderate adult children

Try: Advise cr to stay calm cr should try to keep his her cool and assess the situation if cr has feelings of anger bubbling inside of him her suggest that cr take a moment to calm down before talking to his her children even if cr’s adult children are already screaming at the top of their voice advise cr not to follow suit instead the cr should try to say that he she will only talk to them if they lower their voices and stay calm suggest that cr let his her adult children know how he she feels cr may want to try to have a chat with them suggest that cr let them know that he she doesn’t appreciate their inconsiderate actions suggest that cr describe how these actions are affecting him her and possibly other people around you suggest that cr ask if they have a problem sometimes adult children act out because of personal problems that they are going through they might be having financial difficulties health issues or their relationships may be on the rocky side suggest that cr find out if something is bothering them suggest that cr see how he she can extend help to his her adult children without making them too dependent on him her encourage cr not to give in cr should avoid letting his her adult children to force cr to do anything against cr’s will remind cr that he she doesn’t have to explain why he she doesn’t want to do something however if cr feels he she must make sure cr explains the reasons in a calm manner encourage cr to set boundaries cr should let his her adult children know that they cannot always run to cr for every little thing advise cr to tell them what kind of support cr can offer and how far cr is willing to go encourage cr to do something for them only because he she wants to there are things that cr can do or give to his her adult children which they will surely appreciate gifts monetary or otherwise helping them raise their kids doing special chores for them and more however remind cr that he she should only do so because he she wants to and not because they forced him her too encourage cr not to let guilt consume him her otherwise they might keep on using this as a weapon to get what they want out of cr encourage cr to keep the loving bond alive out of sight should not be out of mind even if cr’s adult children have moved out encourage cr to make sure to communicate with them regularly remind cr not to let the physical distance keep cr emotionally far from them open communication helps avert misunderstandings

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References: how to deal with inconsiderate adult children by sophia myers no date available at www howtodothings com

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