Care recipient (cr) is suddenly afraid or reluctant to go to the beauty shop even though he or she has gone on a regular basis for years

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Materials: #go to the beauty shop with the cr to help out and provide assurances that everything is ok if you can’t go ask another caregiver to go #encourage the beautician to stay on schedule if at all possible the cr may be inflexible and become agitated if he or she has to wait very long or if the appointment gets cancelled or changed to another time #encourage the beautician to communicate effectively to find out exactly what the cr wants and needs if the cr has a good experience and results he or she will likely be more inclined to return in the future without any fear or reservations #pay attention to what makes the cr uncomfortable at the salon and make sure the beautician is aware of it a cr may be nervous about water touching his or face may be uneasy having a smock wrapped snuggly around his or her neck or may find the sound or sensation of a hair dryer or blow dryer unbearable look for signs of agitation including eye or head movements hand wringing or fingers tightening fast breathing etc address the situations that may be causing anxiety ask the beautician to keep water from the cr’s face loosen the plastic smock or ask if it can be replaced with several draped towels ask that a blow dryer be used on a low setting etc

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