Care recipient (cr) is often uncooperative and frequently refuses to do what you ask

Try: Giving the cr a choice of actions to take for example would you like to brush your teeth now or do your hair now would you like to have breakfast now or get dressed first give the cr a choice between two actions that you want the cr to take that way you won’t be disappointed with either choice the cr makes try

Materials: #when you ask the cr to do a task be sure to use polite words at the beginning and end of the request say please and thank you #if the cr uses a wheelchair or is frequently seated make an effort to put yourself at the cr’s eye level when you make requests sit beside or across from the cr when talking about something you’d like the cr to do instead of standing over the cr #ask yourself if you are talking down to or giving orders to the cr if you are consider asking for the cr’s help instead #if the cr continues to be uncooperative

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