Care recipient (cr) has lost ability to speak clearly and has trouble making needs clear outside of usual environment a hospital stay poses a challenge to the cr and to the caregiver who is concerned that the cr’s needs may be overlooked when the caregiver is not present to make them clear to hospital staff

Try: #although the cr’s condition should be noted in the medical chart and although nurses and doctors working with the cr should be familiar with it it is generally also useful for a cr with a special condition or disability to have a single page paper at hand outlining the condition and important related

Materials: Index cards black pen with thick tip and comfortable grip regular sheet of paper

Categories: Communication, Medical Physical, Verbal Communication, Poor Verbal Comm

Information: For example a cr with difficulty speaking may benefit from having a paper in the room that lets staff know that it takes the cr several minutes to complete a thought in words and that the cr uses index cards and a pen to make important needs or thoughts known quickly #the cr or the caregiver can use the black pen to write one key word or phrase per index card #some cards can be prepared in advance; however it would be wise to bring blank cards and the pen to the hospital so new cards can be made to address needs you didn’t anticipate #key words and phrases might include i am in pain may i have a drink please i would like to have a meal i need help getting to the bathroom could you call ___ for me i think something is wrong please get my nurse too hot too cold and light you may also want to write the numbers one through ten on a card many hospitals do pain assessments throughout patients’ stays and ask them to evaluate their pain on a scale of one to ten information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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