Care recipient (cr) gets angry and refuses treatment when physical therapist arrives

Try: Ask the cr and physical therapist to sit down for a talk ask the cr if there are any daily activities causing him or her difficulty if the cr dismisses the idea that he or she needs physical therapy or denies having any problems with activities of daily living mentally walk through the cr cr’s day and discuss any difficulty the cr has with each activity be specific for example if the physical therapist asks if the cr has trouble dressing and the cr says no but you know otherwise you might say she wants to know how you get your socks on can you put your shoes on can you put your shirt on by yourself put your arm through the sleeve button the buttons how do you get your foot into your pant leg etc asking the questions calmly and giving the cr plenty of time to answer them may allow a more realistic picture of the cr cr’s abilities and challenges to emerge take notes on the cr’s responses so they can be factored into a treatment plan in consultation with the cr and the physical therapist establish a schedule of treatment write the schedule on a calendar place the calendar where the cr can look at it and know exactly what to expect with each treatment involvement in the treatment plan may provide the cr with a sense of ownership and control over his or her situation this approach may also be useful with other home health care providers including occupational and speech therapists or home health aides

Materials: Pen and note pad calendar

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