The effects of dementia may make it hard to stay at a healthy weight

Try: See if weight loss is linked to illness or infection trouble getting food from plate to mouth difficulty using silverware lack of interest or decreasing appetite consult a doctor if more than a couple of pounds are lost in a week and if you are having trouble identifying or correcting the source of the problem review medications with a doctor and consider physical therapy offer utensils with weighted or wide handles instead of three large meals offer four to six small meals a day use plates with high color contrast to food and the table or placemat try serving food in a large shallow bowl; it may be easier to manage food in a bowl than on a plate if this is not helpful add a plate guard to a plate to aid in lifting food from plate to fork plate guards are available through catalogs selling independent living supplies to seniors and people with disabilities and often through medical supply stores help guide a utensil’s path with a gentle hand under the care recipient’s cr cr’s wrist if the cr cr’s health allows it increase caloric intake by using cream butter sugar and starches in recipes serve food that can be eaten easily with a soup spoon or the fingers

Materials: Doctor weighted silverware colored plate large shallow bowl plate guard soup spoon guiding hand high calorie foods finger foods

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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