When dementia causes resistance to bathing special effort may help make bathing more comfortable

Try: Decorate the bathroom with laminated pictures the Care recipient (cr) enjoys let the cr help pick the pictures the cr may not care about pictures related to life before dementia lamination is done at some copy shops use plastic frames to avoid steam damage put all bathing supplies in the bathroom before the cr enters try shampoos and bath gels with scents the cr enjoys some crs may enjoy soap scents from earlier days such as tar or lavender use soft sponges or washcloths offer the cr a towel to hold during bathing uncover wash and re-cover small areas at a time this may or may not be necessary if the caregiver is recognized as a trusted spouse for crs who are anxious about having their hair washed try working from the feet up tell the cr beforehand what you will be washing next encourage the cr to help

Materials: Laminated pictures plastic picture frames waterproof music player scented shampoo and bath gel soft sponge or washcloth several towels

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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