At some stages of dementia care recipients crs may be confused about their age where they live and which of their relatives are living

Try: When a cr asks to go home to a place that is no longer home validate support the feeling not the logic of the wish don’t argue about facts accept the delusion as a need to feel safe loved or comfortable even as dementia causes fear uncertainty and discomfort ask questions about what home is like who lives there what’s the best thing about your home meet the emotions attached to the answers for example if the cr misses mother agree that there is no one like mother ask the cr what what’s the most special thing about your mother the cr cr’s answer may reveal a need to be loved reassured or comforted try distracting the cr with photos a snack a game or an explanation that going home will have to wait for a while i can’t take you now because no one is there right now the folks at home want you to stay with me for awhile some crs are soothed by a car ride if possible take a friend along with the cr and go for a drive

Materials: Caregiver validation of feeling car

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