Limited mobility or loss of cognitive skill can make it hard for women to reach or handle small closures of bras whether at the front or the back of the bra

Try: #replace or simply cover up the bra hooks with strips of velcro allowing the Care recipient (cr) to fasten her bra without the reach or finger dexterity usually needed use a thimble and a heavy needle while sewing as the velcro and bra fabric will be difficult to push a needle through #velcro strips may be useful replacements for bras that fasten in front as well for those fastening in back they may replace latching as well as hook and eye closures #if using velcro is also too difficult for a woman try permanently sewing the bra closure shut so the cr uses an over-the-head method of putting on her bra just as she would a pull-over shirt the pull-over method may not work well for women who can’t raise their arms or who are very well-endowed

Materials: Velcro strips thimble heavy needle strong thread

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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