It may be hard for a Care recipient (cr) with poor vision or increased dementia to tell the front from the back of pullover tops sweaters or sweatpants

Try: #thread the needle with a color of thread that contrasts with the clothing color #pull thread so it is doubled; then knot ends together #on the inside of the hem sew an x at the front of the neck and the front of the bottom edge of the shirt; for pants at the front of waistband make the x a size the Care recipient (cr) can easily read repeat sewing over the x until it is noticeable to the cr #show the cr where the x is on clothing and explain that the x always goes on the cr’s front #give reminders as needed to look for the x when getting dressed

Materials: Needle different colors of thread scissors pullover or slip-on clothing t-shirts sweatpants pajama bottoms nightgowns etc

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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