Care recipient (cr) can no longer use stove or oven safely due to changes in memory and reasoning skills caregiver (cg) wants to remove the hazards and make the kitchen safer for the cr to use

Try: #remove the gas line to the stove and cap it #remove all knobs from the stove #place the new countertop on top of the stove cover all the burners #remove any other appliances that pose a possible safety hazard such as a toaster oven #remove any pots pans and dishes that are not microwavable #place the microwave on top of the new countertop #the oven will serve as a convenient storage for all of the microwavable dishes and utensils #tape a microwavable cookware label on the oven door #instruct the cr on how to operate the microwave #place a sign on the microwave door with times for commonly cooked items for example ##cup of water for tea – 1 minute ##baked potato – -8 minutes #place a use hot pads when handling cooked food sign on the microwave to remind the cr about safety #you should assist the cr in using the microwave several times until the skill is mastered

Materials: Microwave oven microwavable plates with covers bowls and utensils countertop the size of the stovetop pen and paper tape hot pad

Categories: Cognitive Intellectual, Maintenance, Medical Physical, Independence, Some Supervision, So-So L T Memory, Poor S T Memory

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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