Care recipient (cr) often misplaces glasses television remote control and other small items scattering them throughout the house

Try: #buy two or three matching baskets to hold the cr’s small belongings put one basket in each of two or three places where the cr spends a lot of time the kitchen family room or bedroom for example these are places where the cr is likely to handle keys put on or put off glasses take a wallet in or out of a pocket use a tv remote etc #once the cr gets in the habit of keeping things in and returning them to the baskets it will be easier to keep track of the little personal items #the notepads may be useful in many ways they can help the cr or his or her caregiver as they make reminder notes create shopping lists or take phone messages

Materials: Two or three small baskets two or three writing tables and pens

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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