Primary caregiver (cg) who is an adult child of Care recipient (cr) needs to know how best to keep long distance siblings informed about cr’s care and condition

Try: Have a monthly meeting either with any of the long distance siblings who can physically attend and a conference calling situation with those who are too far away have an agenda for the meeting update everyone on any changes to the cr’s condition either physically or behaviorally since the last meeting bring up any challenges you have had in providing care and how you have dealt with those challenges but keep an open mind if the other siblings have different ideas on how the challenges should be met create a list of cr’s current needs and see if long distance caregivers can meet any of those needs discuss everyone’s questions and concerns remember that the siblings who live away may not see the gravity of the cr’s condition in the same way you do because you are there on a daily basis if the monthly meetings always result in disagreements hurt feelings and resentments try having an impartial person assume the moderation of the meeting long distance caregivers need to learn all they can and listen with an open mind to the primary caregiver long distance caregivers need to realize that even though they may not be able to offer the primary caregiver physical support they can and should offer emotional support

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