Some steps to take to prevent caregiver (cg) burnout

Try: Cg needs to remember that they need to first take care of themselves so that they can give quality care to the Care recipient (cr) have realistic expectations – know what you are able to provide and what you are willing to provide realize you can only do so much learn to accept any help others offer be your own best friend pat yourself on the back often – caregiving is a very difficult job be open to change – be flexible enough to capture a memorable moment with the cr even if it means a change in routine find a support buddy – someone you can talk about your caregiving situation with and also someone you can forget about it with learn to consider the source when others are critical – have they walked in your shoes express your feelings and vent even if it is just writing them down at the end of the day and throwing the paper away later you would be surprised at how much better you will feel after that listen to your body relax your mind and nourish your spirit

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