Caregiver lacks empathy definition empathy is feeling concern with a person as opposed to sympathy which is feeling sorry for a person empathy can however generate a sympathetic response

Try: Work at cultivating empathy by making genuine inquiries about what the Care recipient (cr) is feeling and validate those feelings by showing an emotional concern for the cr in other words put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you would feel if the situations were reversed and you were no longer able to function as independently as you used to try to expand on your capacity to experience and share the sadness or happiness of the cr when you empathize with the cr they feel less alone lack of empathy puts distance between the cg and the cr practicing empathy shortens the distance and creates a bond that will ultimately benefit both the cg and the cr cultivating empathy will have its own rewards the more you practice it the better your relationship will be with the cr which will make the job of caregiving go more smoothly

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