Primary caregiver (cg) is overwhelmed and overworked

Try: Separate caring dealing directly with and for the Care recipient (cr) and non-caring chores those dealing with the environment around the cr see if you can delegate or outsource some of the non-caring chores share the care possibly there is another cg close by who could visit with their Care recipient (cr) and stay so you could run some errands and you in turn could provide share care for them this would also provide socialization for the two cr’s who could visit and reminisce with each other realize and accept the fact that no-one will be able to do your caregiving job as well as you do but also be aware that you may not be able to keep up the pace without respite help once in a while know your own strengths and weaknesses – capitalize on the one and delegate the other get used to the fact that there will always be constant change and possibly new normals in your life each and every day

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