Older care recipients crs need a wide array of services for their care needs each person person’s needs may vary but the following is a…

Try: Older care recipients crs need a wide array of services for their care needs each person person’s needs may vary but the following is a list of possible care services that caregivers will encounter adult day care a program of medical and social services including socialization activities and supervision provided in an outpatient setting case management client assessment identification and coordination of community resources and follow-up monitoring of how the client adjusting and the services being provided chore services assistance with household repairs yard work and errands congregate meals meals provided in a group setting for people who may benefit both from a nutritious meal and from social educational and recreational services provided at the setting dental services care of the teeth diagnosis and treatment of dental problems home-delivered meals meals delivered to the home for individuals who are unable to shop or cook for themselves home health aide services assistance with home-related tasks such as medications exercises and personal care homemaker services household services such as cooking cleaning laundry shopping and escort service to accompany patients to medical appointments and elsewhere hospice services medical nursing and social services to provide support and alleviate suffering for dying person and their families information and referral assistance with legal matters such as guardianship power of attorney and transfer of assets mental health services an assessment individual and group counseling to address psychological and emotional problems of patients and families occupational therapy treatment to improve functional abilities; provided by an occupational therapist paid companion sitter an individual who comes to the home to provide supervision personal care and socialization during the absence of the primary caregiver patient assessment evaluation of the individual’s physical mental and emotional status behavior and social supports personal care assistance with basic self-care activities such as bathing dressing getting out of bed eating and using the bathroom personal emergency response systems telephone-based systems to alert others than an individual who is alone is experiencing an emergency and needs assistance physical therapy rehabilitative treatment or management of a physical disability provided by a physical therapist physician services diagnosis and ongoing medical care including prescribing medications and treating illness protective services social and law enforcement services to prevent eliminate or remedy the effects of physical and or emotional abuse and or neglect recreational services physical exercise art and music therapy parties celebrations and other social and recreational activities respite care short-term in- or out-patient services intended to provide temporary relief for the primary caregiver skilled nursing medically oriented care provided by a licensed nurse including monitoring acute and unstable medical conditions assessing care needs supervising medications tube and intravenous feeding personal care services treating bedsores and other conditions speech therapy treatment to improve or restore speech; provided by a speech therapist supervision monitoring and individual’s whereabouts to ensure his her safety transportation transporting people to medical appointments community facilities and elsewhere

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