Long distance caregiver (cg) needs advice on the best way to assist the primary caregiver

Try: Plan to visit the Care recipient (cr) as often as you can and make daily or weekly phone calls support the primary caregiver all that you can if the primary caregiver doesn’t do things exactly they way you would do them try suggesting a change instead of criticizing be generous with offers to help in any way that you can – possibly hire a respite caregiver for an evening so that the primary caregiver can have some time off or arrange for yard work to be done in the spring or fall sometimes you just have to take the initiative when providing help for the primary caregiver your offers may be turned down because the primary caregiver may think that they can do it all instead of asking just send a gift certificate for a movie or dinner out even a magazine subscription can provide the primary caregiver with some time to themselves and something to look forward to each month

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