Some skills to develop to become a caring as well as a coping caregiver (cg)

Try: Have empathy for the Care recipient (cr) – step into their shoes and see with your heart all of the activities that may have become restricted due to the mobility vision or hearing challenges of the cr be loving and compassionate have an awareness of the confusion and agitation that the cr may suffer from due to their loss of independence and difficulty just going about their daily routine be understanding even if you don’t understand convey an understanding attitude toward the cr even if you can’t find an immediate solution to a problem that the cr may be having be respectful and preserve the dignity of the cr don’t treat the cr as a child or view any of their actions as childlike have plenty of humor and interject it into all aspects and activities of the day be encouraging shift the focus from what the cr used to be able to do and instead concentrate on what the cr can do now and acknowledge success in all that they do have a positive approach positive thoughts lead to positive feelings and positive actions create positive reactions make your words positive – don’t ask the cr to do something ask the cr to help you do it make your tone positive – put a smile in your voice

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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