How to recognize and cope with caregiver (cg) distress signals

Try: If caregiver is feeling inadequate about their caregiving abilities experiencing anger or resentment toward Care recipient (cr) suffering from excessive fatigue but having trouble sleeping losing appetite having a sudden weight gain or loss losing pride in their appearance having trouble concentrating or focusing on specific cg tasks neglecting personal health problems or issues try this step back and away from the situation and form a clear picture of all of the caregiving challenges determine your priorities as a general rule you should usually address the most stressful caregiving challenges and then move ont the others don’t try to solve everything at once be realistic about what you have control over and can do don’t overestimate either your physical or mental capabilities take time out and time off arrange for respite care on a regular basis identify some of your non-caregiving needs and ask for help with them for example meals yardwork shopping and so on

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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