How should the roles be defined or designated when several siblings caregiver s – cg are sharing the care of a parent care recipient-cr

Try: Try to fit the various caregiving roles to the particular skills or proximity of the caregiver s cg to the Care recipient (cr) it would be logical to assign the primary care to the sibling who lives the closest but this should be by a mutual agreement and consent of that particular sibling if at all possible pay the primary cg don’t assume that because a sibling is the oldest they should shoulder most of the responsibilities of care; if one of the siblings has legal experience they should most likely handle the finances and legal questions likewise if one sibling has nursing or medical experience; they should be one who coordinates the health questions and answers if one sibling has more time on certain days than others possibly one or two primary caregivers can work together for the daily care take everyone’s geographic and lifestyle situation into account at a family meeting before making any decisions

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